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Loud Noises

Prolonged noise exposure can damage your hearing. Even short bursts of sound over 90 decibels (dB) can have an impact.

If your hearing is susceptible to any sounds greater than 90 dB, you should take immediate action to prevent permanent hearing damage. The following should be used as a guide to determine hazardous noise exposure levels:

Noise Level Activity
150 db Most Firearms
140 db Jet Engine at Takeoff
130 db Jackhammer
120 db Ambulance Siren, Amplified Rock Band
115 db Sandblasting
110 db Woodworking, Motorcycle
100 db Pneumatic Drill, Chainsaw
90 db Lawn Mower, Shop Tools
80 db City Traffic, Loud Music
75 db Kitchen Appliances
70 db Noisy and Crowded Restaurant
65 db Conversational Speech

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