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Vestibular Migraine

Vestibular migraine is vertigo associated with a migraine, either as a symptom of migraine or as a related but neurological disorder; when referred to as a disease unto itself, it is also termed Migraine-associated vertigo (MAV) or migraine-related vestibulopathy.

A 2010 report from the University of British Columbia published in the journal Headache said that it " emerging as a popular diagnosis for patients with recurrent vertigo. However, in view of our current understanding of both migraine and vertigo, 'migraine associated vertigo,' in contrast to basilar artery migraine, is neither clinically nor biologically plausible as a migraine variant."


Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo - Migraine is commonly associated with BPPV, the most common vestibular disorder in patients presenting with dizziness.

Ménière’s disease - There is an increased prevalence of migraine in patients with Ménière’s disease and migraine leads to a greater susceptibility of developing Ménière’s disease. But they can be distinguished. Migraine-associated vertigo may go on for days or even years, while Ménière’s disease never goes on longer than 24 hours.

Motion sickness is more prevalent in patients with migraine.

Psychiatric syndromes Dizziness and spinning vertigo are the second most common symptom of panic attacks, and they can also present as a symptom of major depression. Migraine is a risk factor for developing major depression and panic disorder and vice versa.

Signs and symptoms

Vertigo is a medically recognized term for the symptom of vestibular system disturbance. It may include a feeling of rotation or spinning sensations of motion or both. The general term dizziness is used by nonmedical people for those symptoms but often refers to a feeling of light-headedness, giddiness, drowsiness, or faintness, all of which must be differentiated from true vertigo, since the latter symptoms might have other causes.


Treatment of vestibular migraine is the same as the treatment for migraine in general.

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