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Selection & Pricing

At Audiological Diagnostics, our strong relationships with the major hearing aid manufacturing laboratories allow us to extend cost savings to our patients. These savings result in top of the line technology available to you at hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars less than you will find on the internet or at other facilities for the same hearing aids.

The price you pay covers all office visits for the life of the hearing aid, as well as a standard 1 year manufacturer honored warranty for repairs. This 1 year warranty also includes one-time loss and damage coverage on each hearing aid with a $225 deductible.

At Audiological Diagnostics, you will not pay more for a “brand name” hearing aid. Pricing for our digital hearing aids of all styles and technology levels ranges from $995 to $3,400. Most recommendations made by our audiologists fall in the middle of this range, and these recommendations are highly dependent on your hearing loss and communication profile.

Which hearing aid is right for me?

Hearing aids come in a wide range of products and prices and the level selected depends on several factors:

  1. Your hearing loss. Your level of hearing impairment and specific frequencies where impairment exists can determine which products are appropriate for you.
  2. Your lifestyle and hearing objectives. Generally, less expensive models are appropriate for less active individuals who seek hearing improvement in one primary listening situation (e.g. around the house). More expensive models with multiple memories and advanced features are appropriate for individuals who require hearing improvement in varied listening situations such as work, church, social situations, home and on the telephone. Advanced features such as directional microphones, telephone options, and multiple memories can sometimes increase the cost of hearing aids.
  3. One aid or two? Most people with hearing loss have impairment in both ears. Those with impairment in both ears need two hearing aids to achieve the best possible performance. Years of clinical research have shown the following benefits of wearing two hearing aids as opposed to one: increased speech understanding in normal listening situations and in noise, enhanced sound quality and a sense of balance, and improved sound localization.
  4. Cosmetic preferences. Hearing aids come in a variety of styles and sizes. Pictures and descriptions of the various styles of hearing aids are included on our website.
  5. Your budget. As with most major purchases, you need to prioritize the features and performance that are most important to you and make a selection that provides a balance of features and affordability. At Audiological Diagnostics, our wide selection of products and our low prices enable our professionals to make recommendations that provide more features at better prices than the competition. Our audiologists work with you to help you choose which style and size hearing aid is right for you.

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